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Jenny Källman

Portfolio for Swedish artist Jenny Källman. Her work oscillates between documentary and staged photography. Often with the recurring theme of the vulnerability of young people in strange new worlds.

Wallin & Partners

Website for Wallin & Partners – A gender equal, non hierarchical and specialist law firm working to prevent, avoid and win commercial disputes for their clients.

Ane Brun

Website for Norwegian musician Ane Brun. A unique voice and artist, expressing powerful emotions, telling universal stories.

Polar Music Prize

Website for the Polar Music Prize — One of the most prestigious and unique music prizes in the world. Crossing over musical boundaries and awarded to individuals, groups and institutions in recognition of extraordinary achievements.


Website for Toolflex — Manufacturer of innovative tool holders. Developed for the modern working environment to get everything in its place.


App for Swapp — A social bartering service that makes it possible for users to trade anything, anytime, with anyone. Where no money is allowed and you set the value.


Website for Oddwood — A collection of unique hand-made wooden items. The wood used is locally sourced, often salvaged. The spoons, lamps and stools are crafted with the challenge of using as few tools as possible.